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Digital Printing

Malaysia Digital Printing Services


Digital printing has a higher cost per page than more traditional offset printing methods but this price is incredibly affordable when you consider the cost savings in avoiding all the technical steps in between needed to make printing plates. However, the savings in labour and ever increasing capability of digital presses means digital printing is reaching a point where it will match or supersede offset printing technologies ability to produce larger print runs at a low price.

Digital Printing is the process of producing digital images on physical surfaces such as paper, photographic paper, film, cloth and plastic. Using this technology, one can print directly without using any intermediate mediums, such as a film negative or a plate-making machine. This is not only becoming the most popular way to print and photograph, but is also environmentally friendly since it avoids all the chemicals that traditional photography uses.

As the population continues to grow and new businesses form each day thinking of novel advertising and marketing strategies can be challenging. Most business owners and managers want their ventures to stand out in the crowd. Colour Brochure Digital Printing is a small investment compared to the amount of business that will be generated.

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