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Silk Screen

Malaysia Silk Screen Printing Services

Screen Printing or Silk Screening is a printmaking technique that creates a sharp-edged image using a stencil. It is the most traditional and time-honored method of transferring an image onto a canvas or fabric cloth.  Silk screen printing is a great way to personalize your gear. It’s a very basic process that has unlimited outcomes.  One of the easiest ways to get a design on almost any surface is to use the photo emulsion process. Once you have made the screen, it’s ready to print time and time again.

In a screen print, the ink is embedded directly into the fabric. This is because the fabric actually absorbs the ink and gets dyed that colour. This results in a very smooth feel to the t-shirt wearer because nothing is added to the t-shirt as much as embedded within it.


Printing Services Malaysia silk screen printing services included with:

  • Silk Screen Banner
  • Silk Screen Bunting
  • Silk Screen T-Shirt
  • Silk Screen Cap



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