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The Four-Colour Printing – Worth The Price?

Your marketing material, can be more dramatic than a simple colour printing one or two-colour printing, you can add an exciting dimension. The full-colour or two colours is necessarily bad, but the question should be: four colours on the project at hand is really necessary?

For example, the brochure direct marketing e-mail, make a great first impression of your potential customers for the first time, four colors is the best way to convey your product or service. However, assembly instructions included products work well, one or two color printing project.

Four colors advantages:

Many designers and clients often feel the four-color printing, most of its design flexibility. The four-color printing, any color you can imagine can be created, allows designers to make the text color, or the use of graphic elements to focus on, literally jump off the page.

Color photos can be copied so that the product image is more credible, and color of the screen is a lot different color palette and design project almost unlimited.

If you are trying to produce a show and tell the booklet, the photo is crucial to explain, services, processes or products, then the four-color printing is the logical choice regardless of price.

Four colors Disadvantages:

Four color printing is generally regarded as being much more expensive, and a printing two colors. Generally, the same booklet cited as a four-color and two colors can easily be as high as 200-400%, more expensive, because there are four refers to a printed circuit board, and involves a series of more work to prepress.

Although, in recent years, with more and more printers to output digital fingerprint file directly to the board, the cost of printing has become more competitive prepress work is still quite complex, but a large part of a graphic designers, rather than through the printer.

If you have a photo or slide, they have to be scanned, the scanning of digital photography is no longer needed. Image color still need to perform color correction, and in some cases it is necessary to do some work in Photoshop improves contrast and sharpness of the photo.

Work prepress Others may include the photo file from RGB to CMYK, and to ensure that the size of all images, and print resolution enough.

Simple one or two color printing prepress work and fewer plates, and is often cheaper than printing in four colors.

Attempts to reproduce the colors of the Pantone Matching System (PMS), using four-color process is difficult, if not impossible, some color. Under normal circumstances, the customer will have a logo or design elements, materials passed as PMS spot color printing, upset at the moment, is not exactly the same color to four colors.

The type of printing paper coated in order to produce better color fidelity. Although you can print four-color offset paper and textures, many customers found the softness and lack of contrast reproductions printed less than ideal offset paper.

Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to paint or four colors suitable for large volume or greater stratification of solid, liquid to restrict the fingerprints, especially in brochures and pocket cover file folder. This is sometimes seen as an option, but is it really necessary to make a dough to make a good first impression.

Four colors for color proofing proof before printing to ensure true color fidelity, and for the client and designer, is a common practice is approved to run in the media of all colors, and the necessary adjustments supervision.

The prepress something go right or wrong

There is an old saying, you should use the right tools, the right job, and prepress file created for your project, this is very true.

When you produce high-quality materials of high quality lithographic printing, graphic design tools such as Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) and Quark Xpress is no alternative. There are a number of other applications, can be used, but these are the most widely used, because they are designed to operate on color standards and protocols required by the strict four-color printing.

If you talk to the printer, you will find few, if any, are willing to documents provided to the client, such as Microsoft Word, Publisher and other programs designed to create a basic document. Under normal circumstances, these applications are not compatible with the software and output device using the printer.

Program, such as Adobe InDesign and Quark Xpress, all in prepress and printing process is designed to use the printing software compatible Plan standard and offer greater flexibility and precision throughout.

You will be working, then design your project to see what programs and file types, and they are more willing and printing company.

Colour Quality

Avoid doing prepress work, unless you have the resources, knowledge or experience prepress you work. The prepress professionals will be calibrated monitor, so the issue of color fewer opportunities they will have a workflow and enable them to ensure that all elements of prepress work together. Digital printing company providing the documents need to work together the perfect print job, no surprises. Moreover, the four-color printing is very strict, you can look at the desktop printer, can be vague, lifeless, printed by offset lithography.

You should by a graphic designer that has a lot of experience working print or printer will include some time to go through your files and correct any prepress before its price.

If you get quotes from printing, do not think that will provide a good print job, the highest bidder or the lowest bid because someone is more expensive, and will provide a better quality of work. Samples of the work of the printer, especially the design is similar to the size and complexity of the project, be sure to take a look. Make sure your printing budget is a real apples to apples comparison.

Working with the printer

If you do not like the specifications of the printer and work, consider using a graphic designer, as the intermediary. If you are designing your project already, they may have a bit of your printer and your favorite designer can handle technical issues and work with the printer on your behalf.

If you are using a new printer, be sure to get some samples of your work (and samples of similar projects, references). If you are a tight deadline, the project is very complex, from the printer should be some reference, ask the printer to provide the commitment and how they deal with potential problems.

All printers are not the same, since the printer according to the dimensions of change is considered to be the design optimum print. The smaller printer can be more economical, but there may be more restrictions on news, can provide a first class job for less than. Make sure that the printer you choose the equipment and experience to handle your project.

Before printing your project to ensure that the figures prove or Matchprint, to ensure they are happy proof quality. Many printers will allow you to study carefully the first color proofs and color adjustment, and provide you with a second set of color proofs before printing. Please keep in mind that the color correction will be sent to your work preloading can significantly delay the printing schedule.


Proof printing is a way to ensure that your project printed, you have no surprises. Proof of general impression is the work handled by the client, the project designer or sales representative of printing. Please keep in mind that some printers may charge additional fees for proof, because it means that reporters run until journalists proved complete. Press the hold-ups can be expensive, especially if the need to send the job back proof prepress.

Proof print may be more important where you are printing hundreds of thousands of a brochure or other marketing materials long term. If you have a small print run of a few thousand dollars, time and effort necessary proof can not be worth it.

Proof reporter, you should look for color prints loyalty confrontation Matchprint or digital proof. You will also see the areas of solid color, dust spots have white spots. Be sure to check the type or types of small colored backgrounds or reversed out of the screen.

However, under normal circumstances, a slight color adjustment can improve or create a four-color sheet of the final balance adjustment, color is not the same wide range of colors on a printing press to correct the poor quality of work prepress. When the reporter to correct the setting, you’re just not used under the control of the personal image of your print job, to do the work for you is still in prepress.

Although slight press fit perfectly acceptable color is, remember, the color adjustments will affect the length of the paper, or any loss or gain affected areas by color adjustment will be affected, because it is through the press.

To save money on printer city

While this is attractive four-color printing printing companies used by the Internet Advertising offers excellent prices, please keep in mind, many printer “Gang of Four” print, that is, put in your print job a large tablet together with many other customers, so it can not be your job to get the personal attention. Press proof, can be difficult or even impossible, due to the location of the printer or printing schedule (for example, some printers have three shifts).

Please be sure to print samples before the city of printer you use, you understand their packaging and transport policies and issues, to ensure that printing is complete, you will not save money on the one hand, only losing money through the “trap” your local printer may not appear.

When I first printer, I always give the impression of a small project and see how it is to cooperate with them. Remember, you do not just printing the ink onto the paper to pay. You pay for expert customer service reliability,,, you know that your printer will work with you to resolve any issues or problems before your print job.

Do not rely on any printer work on.PDF evidence. Insist on a digital certificate or proof Matchprint, then you will have to print the job, you have a good rep. Check for changes, may have been sent by email a.pdf prove that well, unless the precise calibration of your monitor, colors are usually very different, what you see a.pdf or your own printed prove that the actual prints.

Four colors not worth the price? The answer is certainly some companies and in some cases, not to others.

The bottom line is to consider using four-color process, first, and completion of all work prepress, be careful, be careful reasons. Knowing in advance the functionality of your printer or printer for less stress, you will know what to expect, if indeed there is an error.

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