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The method modern printing stickers

There are five types of technology used in the industry of custom labels printing.


Flexographic printing

Toppan Printing



Screen printing is a simple screen printing, the initial thread, is still used, the plastic screen is now complete. This is a very simple and basic, it is a popular custom sticker printing. This can be done by hand, usually monochromatic, or only a few colors are limited. About custom stickers, inks used are referred to as color pigment UV curing. You want to print images cut the model, thus creating a positive image to be printed. On a substrate, or for which the image to be printed matter is placed in the matrix. Then, the screen is placed in the mold, administration of the appropriate amount of ink, and then extruded through the screen rubber blade, are also referred to as a blade. For monochrome printing, this process only once and must final color after the drying process, a variety of colors, each color printing repetition.

Surface printing, flexographic printing another name. This process is widely used in label printing business because it allows fast printing and high volume. To do so is a bit like seals should be used to print an image by reversing the master. A specified amount of the ink is applied to the master station, to each print master makes contact with the substrate, scroll through it and away from the object image. The term “flexo” from the flexible nature of the printing process itself. This process was originally developed on uneven surfaces, such as printing of the card, one such surface, it is necessary to have a constant, or even in contact with the printing surface of a printing method that allows printing quality. Flexographic printing on the label industry, especially for internal use, or limit the use, for example in the transport or packaging. These include paper, packaging, food packaging, plastic bottles, stickers, plastic bags and a variety of other commercial uses, as well as printing custom labels.

Toppan Printing is the paste printing another pattern. This type of printing is also known as letterpress. This means that the printed image of a raised surface. More simply, can imply from the name itself, you create the image of alphabetical. The movable type print adjusted woodblock well as printing and use of technology. First book Guthenberg Bible ever printed in 1456, in the process, Johannes Gutenberg, who invented the movable type printer printing block. This is the default printer for the next 500 years. Toppan Printing is designed for simple, a large number of print projects. This enables only one color is applied at the same time, so that these types of articles are generally monochrome or two-color limited.

Displacement means that the definition of processing on their behalf. The unit of offset printing, in this process, there is an additional step. The image to be printed, and is not directly used for the transfer is compensated This means that from the image of the printing plate cylinder of the rubber sheet transfer drum before it is transferred is fixed to the printing surface of the real expected. In the offset printing process is used in conjunction with the lithography process. The offset provides a variety of strong and vibrant colors, and can be used for a more attractive design, the use of four color effect.

The fingerprint is the latest development of printing. Print image or printing operation allows maximum flexibility to print. Print a digital image reproduction. The fingerprint is fully customizable, allowing the color change of the edited image, from one to the next print limit waste and the method of use of chemicals and the amount of paper. The digital printing inks are different than other inks in use because they are not absorbed by the other processes of printed material, but may be formed from a layer on top of the media.

Printing ink customized adhesive is designed for outdoor use, in order to resist changes UV and time. Digital color printing can be widely used. Digital printing is widely used for commercial purposes, such as custom sticker printing and personal use and small business use. The biggest advantage of digital printing is the file instead of mother need to print portability.

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